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Hamed Behroozkar

Hamed Behrozkar Langerodi
Graduated in painting from Azad University of tehran (1995)
Professor of Art and Architecture State University of Guilan
This time "any painting festival" was not present


Untitled / Hamdbhrvzkar /Canvas/ technique: Mixed/2008


Night LUMINOUS / Hamed Bhrvzkar/ Canvas/Technique: Mixed‬


Untitled / Hamdbhrvzkar /Canvas/ technique: Mixed‬


Untitled / Hamdbhrvzkar / Canvas/technique: Mixed‬


Time for SHINE / Hamed Bhrvzkar / Canvas/Technique: Mixed/2009.‬


Collection of letters Eastern / Hamed Behrozkar/ technique:Mixed/2009‬


Collection of letters Eastern / Hamed Behrozkar/ technique:Mixed/2010‬


Collection of letters Eastern / Hamed Behrozkar/ technique:Mixed/2009‬


Collection of letters Eastern / Hamed Behrozkar/ technique:Mixed/2009‬


Collection of letters Eastern / Hamed Behrozkar/ technique:Mixed/2009‬


1 - Solo exhibition at Gallery Classic in Isfahan(1994)
2 - Exhibition titled "Four look" in the Gallery novin in Isfahan (1994)
3. Collective exhibition "Masters and Disciples" in Isfahan (1994)
4. Two-person exhibition at Gallery Shajayyan in Isfahan(1994)
5. Two-person exhibition at Gallery novin in Isfahan.(1995)
6. Two-person exhibition at Gallery "sore" in Isfahan.(1995)
7. Two-person exhibition at Gallery "poya" in Rasht.(2006)
8. several group exhibitions in Isfahan and Tehran. (1994-95)
9. Group Exhibition at Gallery "Parvin" in Rasht.(2006)
10. Collective presence in the exhibition "work shope" Abbas Kiarostami in Lahijan.(2006)
11. Honorary presence in Gilan Painting Festival.(2008)
Research activities:
1.Khvrtab Khani (Masouleh) "research on the authenticity masouleh".(1993)
2.Last sacred work (research on Leonardo da Vinci Last Supper painting is matched with a painting of the same name of Salvador Dali)(1994)
3.Research on the "structure" and a wall painting technique "sacred monument," the four King "Lahijan" (for "Vice" Department of Cultural Heritage "Isfahan").(1994)
4.Researcher Documentary: face, directed by: Farshid Azari (film related person's story, " Iran 's religious paintings").(2010)
5.Research on the "authenticity designs" "Islamic period" and their relation to "patterns" associated with ancient Iranian and "buildings" of ancient architecture.(1994)
6.One of the researchers, "Encyclopedia Artists Gilan" (Moderator: "Management Plan and budget" and publishing Ilia).(2006)
Articles published:

1.Criticism of painting doctor "behnam jalali jafari" in the newspaper "Kayhan"(1995)
2.Incomplete language (visual criticism, painting) in the newspaper "New window"(2005)
3.By taking artistic gesture (visual criticism, painting) in Gilan Today(2005)
4.Artistic gesture of taking part II (visual criticism, painting) in Gilan Today(2005)
5.Lost in the Labyrinth (visual arts criticism, painting) newspaper "guam"(2005)
6.False move (visual criticism) newspaper "moeen"(2006)
7.Deeds / opinion / arts (research paper about "contemporary art painting of our times") newspaper "guam".(2006)
8.When the man is legend (article "research" on bahman Mohassess) newspaper "guam".(2006)
9.Lord of the Rings (visual criticism, painting) in Gilan Today.(2006)
10.Away from the heart and love (visual criticism, painting) newspaper "moeen".(2005)
11."Look at the process of moving visual Gilan" in the "Special literary art" Gilan Today.(2006)
12."Three decades of" Silence (research paper), "month letter" payam e baran.(2007)
13. "Research paper" about the father of modern painting in Iran , "Jalil Zyapvr" (Special literary art Gilan Today).(2006)
14. "Illuminati" a painter (Gilan Today).(2007)
15. Do not know ... (Gilan Today).(2007)
16. Melody mound for the Iron Lady ("article" for the Grief Mrs. Masumeh Seyhoun) Journal Dadgar.(2010)
1.An interview with the newspaper's "golchin emroz.(2006)
2.Eight interviews with ISNA during 2006-2008.
3.Interview with "daily Etemad".(2006)
4.Interview with "Sun Newspapers".(2006)
5."Interview" the newspaper Etemad (especially Gilan).(2008)

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