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Elnaz Javani

Elnaz Javani
Born in 21 February1985, Tabriz, IRAN 
Diploma, School of plastic arts ,Tehran,Iran ,1999
B.A in Painting , Art University.,Tehran,Iran ,2009

Narrating with a Needle

Elnaz Javani has exposed her feminine sensitivities through tissues and stitches. These works are done in ‘femage’ (female+image) style, a term invented by Miriam Schapiro for her textiles and feminine artworks. Yet, it mostly reminds us of our mother’s and grandmother’s bundles and closets and the childhood delight of discovering spools, buttons and colorful tissues…
In a same way, Elnaz Javani has referred to her grandmother’s tissues as well as Turkish love-stories inspiring the titles of her works and the style of her stitches. This is while her works do not illustrated anything, nor are her stitches ordinary. She combines words with textile images creating a world of her own. From time to time, a figure or a face stands out of the fabric of patterns. It is more in the style of painters, but with a needle and strings, not a brush.
Speaking literally Javani (=youthfulness) of Javani can be clearly seen in her brave choice of patterns and her new attitude towards textile and such youthfulness is accompanied with a love-story so as to make her textiles all the more intimate and local. A shadow of death lurks in the narratives of her works as well as a whispering feminine tenderness.


100x60.2010. blood golden


60x80.2010.Large eye


100x120.2010. Accounts are not


Who speak


40x50. 2010 . bride


40x50. 2010 . bride


40x50. 2010 . bride


100x120 .2010.Over my heart


120x80. 2010. pug




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