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Taha Heydari

Taha heydari .1986.Tehran.graduate in painting at tehran art university.

From close or far away

Left- hand side:
Pajama marked by spots or stains or blood. Taha Heydari attached these garments on the Left- hand side of the fromes, and by doing so, has clearly substituted the choice of an object for the act of painting.This way he underlines the materiality and texture of the clothing as well as its installation on the canvas remaining faithful to the canvas while avoiding and questioning the act of painting. Garments are at the same time material objects and sings of metaphysical presence of those wearing them.

Right-hand side:
A map of the city, from far away, mostly gray and painted in detail. The scene can be a reminder of Google maps and satellite pictures: the possibility of seeing and being seen and all those discussions surrounding it. The detailed rendering of maps and the viewpoint chosen can, in a contemporary and indirect way, remind us of Persian miniatures: a type of painting Heydaris aquainted with.
From far away, individuality is not so apparent and the resemblance between large cities is minimized.

Left and right…:
Taha Heydari’s artworks confront us with private and public realms, the act of painting and the choice of an object, colour and colourlessness. He has openly challenged and further developed his previous painterly experiences. His dual aesthetics points at the same time to the current computer age and our local and familiar customs: trapped between two worlds, an Iranian is positioned on the borders of past and present as well as paradoxes resulting from global and local elements. Heydari welcomes contradiction and even humorously challenges this duality in some works. In small works elements such as a flower or an ear stand opposite to larger artworks to intensify the internal contradiction of the paintings and act as a whispering parallel to great sayings.

Dr.Behnam Kamrani


untitled _230 . 150cm __acrylic and collage_2009


untitled _230 . 150cm __acrylic and collage_2009


untitled _230 . 150cm __acrylic and collage_2009


untitled _230 . 150cm __acrylic and collage_2009


untitled _230 . 150cm __acrylic and collage_2009


untitled _ 30 . 20cm _acrylic_2009


untitled _ 33 . 25cm _acrylic and collage_2010


untitled _ 30 . 20cm _acrylic_2010


untitled _ 33 . 25cm _acrylic_2010


untitled _ 32 . 15cm _acrylic_2010


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